José Alegria

José Alegria

José Alegria



– Worldwide Cyber Security Coordinator for the Altice 


– Chief Security Officer of Altice Portugal (ex PT), an Altice company ( Altice Portugal’s Cyber Security Operations Center (CyberSOC) and Altice Portugal’s CSIRT are under his responsibility. He is currently implementing a comprehensive Cyber Intelligence program (Cyber Watch) across all Altice companies; 

– EUROPOL Cyber Crime Centre (EC3) advisor. 

Previous affiliations before PT and Altice Portugal: 

Executive Vice President and member of the executive board of OniTelecom, responsible for engineering and operations, from September 2000 to March 2003. 

Founder and CEO of BanifServ, Grupo Banif’s IT Company, from September 1997 to August 2000. 

Head of MIS and IT at Grupo BPI (BFE and BBI Banks) from December 1995 to August 1997. 

Member of the executive board of IBM Portugal with the responsibility of the hardware server/mainframe product lines (RiskSystem 6000, AS400 and Mainframes), from January 1991 to November 1995. Creator of the prestigious, and still standing, “IBM Portugal Scientific Prize”. 

Head of the EuroAce, a Data General European Competence Center for Advanced Computing Environments, from September 1989 to December 1990. 

Computer simulation consultant to the Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces (“Estado-Maior-General das Forças Armadas Portuguesas”) developing an innovative discrete simulation system that enabled the Portuguese Armed Forces to reorganize their military carriers after the colonial war. This work received a letter of commendation from the Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Army. 

Founder member of the Informatics Specialty of the Portuguese Engineering Council (“Ordem dos Engenheiros”). 

Lecturer and researcher at the Department of Informatics of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, from October 1977 to August 1979 and later from April 1984 to August 1989. Lecturer and researcher at the Computer and Information Science Department at The Ohio State University Altice Portugal 2 

in the USA from September 1979 to March 1984. From September 1972 to July 1974 was a teaching assistant at the Universidade de Luanda, Angola and Computer Instructor at IBM Angola. 


PhD General Examinations in Computer and Information Science, CIS Department, The Ohio State University, USA, 1982. Master of Science in Computer and Information Science, in Computer and Information Science, CIS Department, The Ohio State University, USA, 1980. Both as a Fullbright Visiting Scholar. Licentiateship in Informatics Engineering, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, 1977. 

Applied R&D in CyberSecurity 

Principal architect of the CyberWatch1, HIDRA2, POIROT3, PIASA4 and DAMS5, strategic Cyber Security projects at Portugal Telecom and Altice Portugal. Principal architect of Pulso ROI2, a real-time operational information intelligence monitoring platform under development and operation at Portugal Telecom, covering QoS and QoP (Quality of Protection) at different technical and business levels (IT systems and services, Telco services and business processes and flows, and customers key hotlines). 

He is also involved in projects concerning the security of Altice Portugal’s International IP backbone including scalable anti DDoS, and BGP and DNS security. He is developing an hierarchical Cyber Hygiene rating mechanism and associated awareness program that is more appropriate to modern Telco operators by being decomposable into typical segments: Internal/Corporate, B2B and B2C, and into their different sub segments (Wireline, Wireless, TV, DataCenter). 

Technically his current interests are on the application of real-time complex event processing, data science and machine learning to cyber security, operational intelligence and situational analysis. 

He maintains close relationships with the main cyber security stakeholders in Portugal like the Portuguese National Center for Cyber Security (CNCS) and the Portuguese Armed Forces Cyber Security unit. He has also been often invited as a keynote speaker or as a panel member in many security related forums like InfoSecurity Europe, Inforum, C-Days, etc.